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At Elite Access VIP Concierge Service, we offer a variety of membership tiers designed to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our clientele. Our goal is to provide personalized, exceptional service and unique experiences tailored to each member. Here is a detailed overview of our membership options:



Our Silver Membership is perfect for individuals who require occasional assistance with lifestyle management and luxury experiences. As a Silver Member, you'll enjoy.

  • Access to our concierge services during standard business hours
  • Customized travel planning and itineraries
  • VIP event access and bookings (subject to availability)
  • Exclusive offers and discounts from our partner brands and venues
  • $3000



Our Gold Membership is designed for those seeking more comprehensive access to our services, along with additional benefits and priority access to exclusive events. Gold Members receive:

  • 24/7 concierge service availability
  • Priority access to VIP events and experiences
  • Personal shopping and styling assistance
  • transportation arrangements
  • Enhanced offers and discounts from our partner brands and venues
  • $5000



Our Platinum Membership caters to discerning clients seeking the ultimate in luxury and personalized service. Platinum Members enjoy:

  • Dedicated personal concierge assigned to your account
  • First priority access to VIP events and experiences, including red-carpet premieres and invitation-only parties
  • Customized luxury experiences tailored to your preferences
  • Exclusive partnerships with luxury brands, offering bespoke services and products
  • Priority reservations at top restaurants, hotels, and other high-demand venues
  • $10000



For clients with unique requirements or preferences, we offer a Custom Membership option. This tier allows you to work closely with our team to create a personalized membership package that caters specifically to your needs and desires. Custom Memberships may include services such as:

  • Personal chef and nutritionist consultations
  • Luxury real estate assistance
  • Yacht and private jet charter services
  • Art consultancy and acquisition services